Premium Services

Premium Services

Detail and Contour Surveys (Topographical Surveys) for a base plan for Architectural Design

Identification Surveys for Council’s 149D Building Certificate

Identification Surveys for Water Front License Transfers

Creation of Easements / right of access with section 88B instruments

Strata, Community and Torrens Title Subdivisions

Floor Level reports

Property Cadastral Boundary Markouts Rural or Urban for Fencing

Building construction Set Outs

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Central Coast Surveyors uses the latest survey equipment which includes:

Trimble S6 Robotic Survey Instruments

Trimble TSC3 Controllers

Trimble R8 GNSS / GPS / GIS Receivers using Corsnet Networks

We also use modified 4 wheel drives to get into the difficult terrains.

Responsive & Project Turn Around

Responsive & Project Turn Around

We can turn your project around within a week while other survey companies are advising at least three weeks turn around.